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    Media Enquiries:


    Will there be food and drink?

    Yes! But I think what you meant to ask was, will there be GOOD food. You will be able to order delicious food and drinks from our wide range of onsite vendors through our app and get contactless delivery straight to the hood of your car.

    Will there be alcohol available?

    Because our events involve driving and you will be operating a vehicle, there will be no alcohol available. However, we will have a selection of non-alcoholic beverages available for purchase.

    Ok, but can I bring my own alcohol?

    Sorry, nice try! Alcohol is not permitted to be brought onto the premises, and any person found to have it on them will have their entire car asked to leave (including all the poor friends in your car that were following the rules! Just be cool and don’t try it, ok? Ok.)

    Where do I park?

    Our onsite parking assistants will direct you to the best spot available when you arrive. If you’re attending a session that does not have assigned ticketing, make sure to arrive early, as it’s first in, best dressed. If you’re attending a session that has assigned sections (eg. A Reserve, B Reserve, VIP), you will be directed to this section by the parking team.

    Can I park next to my friend?

    We can’t allocate specific car spaces, and your friends can’t save a spot – if you would like to be parked next to your friends, we recommend arriving together so that your cars are together in the queue. Also, if you’re coming to a show where there are multiple sections (eg. Gold, A Reserve), make sure you purchase tickets to the same section or you will be separated!

    When will I be able to arrive?

    Gates open for cars entering 45 minutes before the start time of each session. You can use this time to get cozy, order food, and fight over the best seats in the car.

    Can I change spaces if I don’t like where I am?

    Once you are parked in a space, your car must remain there for the whole session. This just helps us keep traffic flow consistent and orderly. However, if you do need to leave due to an unforeseen circumstance, there will be plenty of room for you to get your vehicle out, nobody is trapped at any time!

    Can I buy merch?

    Absolutely! We will have a range of merchandise products available – more information on this to come soon!

    Can I get out of my car?

    No. This is a COVID safe event, and that wouldn’t be very social distancing of you. If you exit your vehicle you may be asked to leave.

    What about bathrooms?

    Each car will be provided with a bottle upon entry… Just kidding, you can leave your car for that. There will be toilet facilities onsite that undergo sanitization after every use.

    Can I get out of the car for food, or merchandise?

    Not at this stage! It must be ordered via our app. We will be remaining fully compliant with Public Health Orders to ensure the safety of everyone – however if restrictions for events ease we may be able to allow you to approach merch stalls or food trucks in person! We will make an announcement on our Facebook page if this is the case.

    Can I stick around for the next session?

    Your ticket is for the one session only! If you’d like to stick around, you’ll have to drive out and drive back in, as we need the venue cleared in between each act! Honestly, it’s pretty boring anyway, just sound check stuff – you might as well go to the nearest maccas, get yourself some nuggs, and swing on back when the next session starts. Buy tickets in advance though, we can’t guarantee we’ll have spots available!

    Can I bring a friend in my car if they don’t have a ticket?

    You need to purchase tickets for everyone in your car, in the one order. Each person in the vehicle must be accounted for on the ticket. And yes, we’ll notice if you sneak someone in the boot. It’s not cool and it’s kind of illegal. The one exception (not to the boot thing, to the tickets thing) is for shows that offer a flat-rate car price, in which case, bring as many people as you like! (that legally fit in your car. And not in the boot.)

    Can I honk my horn during the show?

    Absolutely! How else is the artist going to know you’re enjoying their performance? Horns honking, lights flashing, arms waving, we love to hear your support. Of course, treat it like applause, and give us the noisiest stuff (i.e. horns) at the end – we don’t want to drown out the sound coming from the stage!

    Are tickets available at the door?

    We cannot guarantee tickets at the door, so go and buy a ticket online – we’ve made it super easy, we swear! Please don’t drive up to the gates hoping to buy a ticket.

    Are there any car restrictions?

    Yes there are, thanks for asking! So everybody in the cars behind you can see, we ask that there are no canopies or roof storage on your car. Larger cars (eg. 4WDs) will also automatically be placed towards the back or on the sides.

    Am I allowed to bring my furry friends?

    You are more than welcome to bring your furry friends, however they will not be allowed to leave your car, so if they need to go to the bathroom it might get a bit tricky!